Minecraft and Discord Server Rules

General Rules


Surrounding other nations or claiming in any way to block the expansion of other nations is not allowed.

An exception to this rule is if the other nation is inactive or if free space is running out.


Griefing just outside of a nations claims is not allowed.

Griefing in unclaimed territory (wilderness) is allowed.

Avoid causing excessive damage to unclaimed territory (wilderness) in order to preserve the map.      

Griefing nether portals or transportation systems during peacetime is not allowed.


Do not use your nation, state and town spawns to trap and kill people.

Nether portal traps are not allowed.

Traps inside of your own claims that fulfil a purpose, such as traps in a castle, are allowed.

Any other kind of trap is not allowed.


We encourage the use of actual town, state and nation names, but as long as the name makes logical sense, it is allowed.

For example, you can name your nation after a tribe like the Samis in Scandinavia, or even make up a name that fits into the region such as "Desertland".

Nation names should have a meaning behind them and therefore not be random.

Inappropriate and insulting nation names are not allowed.


Warmongering or going to war just for fun is not allowed.

You need to have a proper reason - a “casus belli”, for the war.
This casus belli has to be approved by a majority of the staff team to be accepted.

Griefing in war is not allowed.

Building forts and traps is allowed as long as they are removed after the war.

Killing in Peacetime:

You may not kill any player unless you are formally at war.

Killing in peacetime is only allowed during the following circumstances:

- You are allowed to kill if it is associated with server politics. In short, there must be a proper diplomatic reason for the kill.
An example of this is a failed negotiation, which may result in the hostile diplomat getting killed.

- You are allowed to kill if you are raiding a fallen nation and encounter someone else raiding it.

Cheats and Exploits

Cheat Clients, Texture Packs, etc:

Do not install or use anything that grants you an unfair advantage over other players.

Modifications listed below are however allowed:

- Optifine and other performance improvement mods.

- Armor and effect status HUD mods.

- Minimap mods unless they display more information than our Dynmap provides.

- Purely aesthetic mods.

- Litematica (without its printer function).


Making use of any sort of bug, cheat or exploit that grants you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed.

If you find a bug, cheat or exploit still working on the server, you should immediately report it to the staff team.

AFK-Machines and Automatic Farms:

Using AFK-machines is against the rules of the server.

Fully automatic farms are also against the rules.

Alternative Accounts:

Using alternative accounts is not allowed.  

Behaviour and Fair Play


Do not insult or harass others. This includes sexual and racial harassment, etc.

Racism, sexism, anti-semitism, extremism, etc. is not allowed.

Do not cause unnecessary drama or stir up trouble for no reason on the server.

Do not threaten others or encourage violence in any way.

Do not sabotage for others through toxic instances of attacking them, raiding them or stealing from them.
The instances in question are examples, and not the only instances the rule concerns.


Impersonating towns, states, nations, players, etc. is not allowed.

Supporters found impersonating will have their rank revoked.

Sharing Personal Information:

Sharing personal information is not allowed. Privacy should be respected.


Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden.

Talking about other servers is allowed, but do not try to get players to leave the server or to play on another server in any way.
An example is if you and your friend are planning to go play some Bedwars on Hypixel. Keep it in DMs.


English should be the primary language spoken in chat. This helps everyone understand and feel welcome.

General Behaviour:

Treat others with respect. This includes both other players and staff members.

Being nothing but an annoyance towards staff members and other players will not be tolerated.

Do not send links to disturbing material in the chat.
This includes things such as pornographic content, vore and gore.

Repeating the same message an excessive amount of times or spamming random characters is not allowed.


Other Actions:

Any other actions that grants you an unfair advantage over other players or sabotages the server are also punishable.

Playing the game in a way that ruins the server for others or sabotages the server is not allowed.

Staff may kick, mute, or ban players if they deem it fit.

Obstruction of Justice:

If a player is found to be doing actions making investigations or such harder to conduct, the player will be punished.
An example of this is keeping items or other evidence secret.

Withholding information of value to the staff team is strictly illegal.

Examples of valuable information are, but not limited to, following:

- Bugs, cheats and exploits still working on the server

- Names of players who have broken the rules

- Loopholes found in these rules.

Fabricating false evidence is strictly illegal.


In order to preserve the map, major terraforming should be avoided; however, it can be okay as long as there is a valid reason for it.
For example, you may flatten a hill to build houses, but do not remove whole mountains or create artificial islands randomly.

If you are unsure about if your plans are allowed or not, make a ticket or contact a staff member.  

External Rules:

All Swedish laws apply to the Globecraft Minecraft server, Discord server and all other services.

Failure to comply with these laws will have serious consequences.

For extraordinarily serious instances, law enforcement will be contacted.

Discord Rules

General Discord Rules:

Aforementioned rules applicable to our Discord server are all rules under section 3, as well as 4.1.2, 4.1.3, 4.2 and 4.4.

The Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service must be followed on our Discord server.
The link to the Community Guidelines is https://discord.com/guidelines.
The link to the Terms of Service is https://discord.com/terms.

Text and voice channels should be used for their intended purpose.

NSFW, NSFL and generally disturbing content is strictly banned from our Discord server.

Users with inappropriate Discord names will be banned from the server until the name has been changed.
Once the name has been changed, create a ticket in our Discord server for appeals to be unbanned from our main Discord server.


You May Always Appeal:

Staff members are humans and can make mistakes, if you feel unfairly treated, then appeal and we will reevaluate the circumstances. This can be done by opening a ticket in our Discord server for appeals using the Tickety bot.

The link to our Discord server for appeals is https://discord.gg/9DKyTbS.

If you are banned from the Discord, you can DM any moderator or administrator to solve it.

Right to a Fair Verdict:

Staff members are not allowed to close your ticket before a final verdict has been reached and approved either by two Moderators, an Administrator or the Owner.

Staff members have the right to close the ticket 24 hours after the final verdict has been announced and approved.

In the case of a staff member breaking this rule, an Administrator or the Owner should be contacted through DMs.